Conexus Connects Us

A community conference with the goal of building bridges across platforms & protocols.

16+ Speakers

We’ve assembled some of the top minds from the EOS ecosystem and invited our local / regional experts from ETH & BTC to discuss how our communities can open up positive dialogue and better collaborate.

3 Panels + 7 Presentations

We will have individual presentations and thought pieces from 7 speakers and will break out into 3 panels focusing on the most important topics facing blockchain.

Regardless of the protocol you support, it’s time we all realize we’re building a decentralized future together.

Don't Sleep!

  • AM Sessions

  • Eugene Luzgin Opening Keynote
    The Grid

  • We often laugh it off, but the environment in crypto can be very toxic for the uninitiated. Our community leaders locally, regionally and nationally need to build bridges, not burn them. This panel is geared towards exploring solutions and ways the ETH, BTC and EOS communities might collaborate.

  • Paul Foley of Colorado Blockchain.

  • Thomas Cox

  • PM Sessions

  • While we can all get excited about the possibilities, the reality is that blockchain adoption has a long way to go. This panel will discuss how we all face many of the same hurdles in driving adoption and how we might work together to meet the larger goal of decentralization.

  • Blockchain Governance in Emerging (New) Protocols

  • Phil Mesnier of OCI's closing keynote.
    The Grid

Grid Collaborative Workspace
445 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Friday October 12th 2018

Special thanks to our community of sponsors, advisors and contributors who made this event possible.

EOS Denver
EOS Tribe
EOS Rise
Freedom Proxy
Digital Assets Data
KJ Technical
Aloha EOS
SALT Lending
Colorado Blockchain
Decentralize Colorado
Jalapeno Inventive
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